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Easter & Vision

By : April 20, 2014

Great leaders have great vision. Jesus Christ is the greatest leader who ever lived because he had the greatest vision. Through his ministry he painted a vision of a better future for what could be and should be in the lives of his followers.   To a people living in fear, Jesus cast a vision […]


By : April 10, 2014

We wrapped up the final weekend of our Vision Series, though it is only just the beginning of the Vision Campaign. As we have been saying from the start, this series introduces a new season in the life of our church, which will continue for the next several years. To anyone who has not had […]

The Vision Campaign

By : April 4, 2014

The prophet Habakkuk writes at a time when all seems lost in his generation. He complains to God because there is violence and corruption throughout his country of Judah. He is disillusioned as the good and righteous people have no power and authority while the evil rule over them and seem to triumph, and meanwhile […]

Serving at SECU

By : March 26, 2014

Easter is only weeks away and we are busy getting ready. This year we are hosting a single Easter Sunday Mass at the SECU Arena at Towson University, just down York Road from our Ridgely Road campus. The arena is brand new and beautiful and it is going to be an amazing experience for everyone […]

Vision and Sacrifice

By : March 20, 2014

We don’t like to sacrifice, we never do. But we do it all the time anyway mostly because of what is associated with it, or what is on the other side of it. That’s because sacrifice often brings reward. The most attractive sacrifice is about giving up something of smaller or lesser value for something […]

More Vision

By : March 15, 2014

Last week we kicked off our Vision Campaign. Vision is a new message series, but it is more than a message series too, it is a whole new season of life for our parish. We’re looking ahead to where God is blessing and where he wants us going. And as part of that process we’re […]


By : March 10, 2014

  The vision has an appointed time, it speaks to the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it, it will certainly come. Habakkuk 2.3 This weekend was an incredibly important one for us here at Nativity. It was the start of our Vision Series. But this series is unlike any […]

Organizational Health Part II: Clarity

By : March 2, 2014

We spent a good part of this week with our friend Patrick Lencioni. Patrick is the founder of a leadership consulting firm, The Table Group, as well as New York Times Best Selling author of half a dozen books on leadership and management. Fortunately for us, he loves working pro-bono for not for profits like […]

The Advantage: Organizational Health

By : February 22, 2014

This week senior staff leadership (me, Tom, Chris, Brian, and Alison) have been invited to California for a review and evaluation of how we work together as a team. The invitation comes from our friend Patrick Lencioni, founder and president of The Table Group, a management and consulting firm specializing in organizational health and executive […]

Would You Like to Work at Nativity?

By : February 15, 2014

It is always funny (as in irritating and annoying) that so many people, even parishioners, are unaware that this church is run by a professional lay staff. Anyway it is, and as Nativity has grown so has our full time and part time staff members. At this point we have 12 full time employees and […]