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A Wise and Gentle Pastor

By : March 25, 2017

On Thursday the Church saw the passing of one of her greatest sons, William Cardinal Keeler, Archbishop Emeritus of Baltimore. Pope Francis called him a “wise and gentle pastor.” I had the honor of serving as the Cardinal’s first Priest-Secretary in the 1990’s before he appointed me as Pastor of the Church of the Nativity. […]

4 Steps to Hosting a Successful Small Group Launch

By : February 9, 2017

This weekend we’re hosting our annual “Winter Small Group Launch.” We’ve found this event is a great point of entry for new members to join, new groups to form, and new leaders to step up. Making the most of a launch can go a long way towards building a culture of small groups. Here are […]

Updating Old School “Pulpit Announcements”

By : February 2, 2017

For some reason, the Mass announcements hold a high position on the list of things in churchworld that generate disagreement. There is lots of disagreement about who, where, when, and how the announcements will show up on Sunday morning. At Nativity the long time custom was for the celebrant to read announcements from the pulpit […]

Missions Weekend 2017

By : January 28, 2017

This weekend Nativity is celebrating Missions Weekend, which supports both our involvement in Nativity’s local and global mission partner projects and our participation in the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal. This, by the way, is the only weekend, the only appeal we make focused on giving outside the parish. Some parishes have second or special collections all […]

The Stone Rejected by the Builders

By : January 21, 2017

This weekend, we at the Church of the Nativity are excited to celebrate a special liturgy called the Rite of Laying of the Foundation Stone (or, cornerstone). The cornerstone laying marks (we hope) the approximate halfway point of the construction of our new church. In fact, thanks to good weather, we are a little ahead […]


By : December 31, 2016

The dawn of a new year brings new promise and fresh hope despite whatever difficulties and challenges we might be facing. It is important to name those promises and focus on that hope. Here are some things we are looking forward to in the year ahead. Strategic Planning & Staff Development Our Strategic Leadership Team […]

Advent 2016

By : November 27, 2016

Advent is upon us. If I can say that I have a “favorite” season of the Church year, then this is it. While things get hectic, commercial, and all that, there’s a beauty that remains and still inspires. It’s a season when life change often happens. Here are three things on my mind as we […]

Giving Thanks

By : November 22, 2016

As we come to the end of the Church calendar year and begin a new one this Sunday, I’d like to take this week to extend a special thanks to all who have made it such a special year at Church of the Nativity and beyond. As difficult as this year may have been, I […]

6 Steps to Building Your Stewardship Message

By : November 17, 2016

This weekend at Nativity we’re delivering our annual Stewardship Sunday message. We put a lot of time and energy into crafting the right message that our congregation needs to hear. Jesus talked about money all the time, and if we are going to talk about Jesus, sooner or later we have to realize that money […]

A Season of Growth and Change

By : November 3, 2016

It’s a season of growth and change at Nativity, which is exactly where we believe God wants us to be. We see the growth of our new church building day by day, as foundations are poured and walls are raised. Walking around the future lobby truly gives you the sense of what the space will […]