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Rebuilt- The Field Guide

By : October 27, 2016

Rebuilt tells the story of what happened to us, what we learned, and what we now know about growing a healthy parish. It is all about the twin exercises of discipleship and evangelization, or what we have come to call awakening the faithful, while also, and at the same time, reaching the lost- oh, and […]

Kick-Off Weekend, and Why September Matters For Your Church

By : September 8, 2016

This Sunday our parish celebrates our annual Kick-Off Weekend. While the Church’s liturgical year runs from Advent to Advent, most families plan their year, especially if kids are involved, from September to June. So we make this weekend- the weekend after Labor Day- a special celebration each year. Nothing is different liturgically, of course (it’s […]

People-Pleasing Verses Leadership

By : August 6, 2016

I knew an enthusiastic pastor who came to a church that was brimming with potential. He had terrific ideas and couldn’t wait to get going. Fast-forward five years, he’s no longer there and all that potential remains untapped. Ever wonder how your leadership potential gets crushed? It happens easily and more often than you might […]

6 Reasons Your Church Isn’t Growing

By : July 28, 2016

Healthy things grow. That’s just how life works. But looking around, there isn’t always evidence our churches are alive. In nature, growth is simple- it takes a seed, some good soil, sunlight, and water. When it comes to growing churches, it’s really not that much different in essence- the Gospel, planted in a good community, […]

3 Tips on Reaching the Culture of Spiritual Comfort

By : July 14, 2016

What’s more challenging (and annoying) to Christians than outright hostility? Indifference. And that’s exactly the attitude of most of the unchurched people in your community (the hostile one’s are just louder). The truth is, most unchurched people you encounter do not feel morally or even spiritually bankrupt. Actually, they’re spiritually quite “comfortable.” Reaching this group […]

8 Simple Changes to Begin Growing Your Weekend Attendance

By : June 2, 2016

Many will hate to hear it, but one sign of a healthy church is growth in weekend attendance. If people are actively leaving, or not a single new family has joined your parish in some time, then chances are, there are things you could be doing to better attract and serve people through your Sunday […]

5 Reasons I Preach in Message Series

By : May 8, 2016

This past week, our “Message Team” met for an all day off-site to finalize our plans for our message series for the upcoming year. The message team consists of 7 people on staff who meet each week to help develop and evaluate my weekend messages. A few times a year we take extra time to […]

Three Ways to Spot the Difference Between the Unchurched and Church-Shoppers

By : April 28, 2016

Over the years we have been able to predict with some accuracy who is likely to show up in our lobby on any given Sunday. We always talk about Timonium Tim, the name we’ve given to the quintessentially unchurched guy and his family in our community. We plan every aspect of our weekend experience around […]

Mercy on Us

By : April 1, 2016

Since Pope Francis has declared 2016 a Jubilee Year of Mercy, I’ll try at least a couple times to write about this theme over the year. Mercy is operative in every healthy and growing church, and this is a good week to bring it up since Pope John Paul II established the tradition of celebrating […]

Easter Checklist

By : March 17, 2016

Next week begins Holy Week, the most sacred time of the year for the Church. It’s also the most hectic, if you work in a parish. Our first job is to make the worship experience worthy of the occasion. Anyone who has ever worked to pull off an Easter liturgy knows there are just too […]