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Missions Weekend 2017

By : January 28, 2017

This weekend Nativity is celebrating Missions Weekend, which supports both our involvement in Nativity’s local and global mission partner projects and our participation in the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal. This, by the way, is the only weekend, the only appeal we make focused on giving outside the parish. Some parishes have second or special collections all […]

6 Steps to Building Your Stewardship Message

By : November 17, 2016

This weekend at Nativity we’re delivering our annual Stewardship Sunday message. We put a lot of time and energy into crafting the right message that our congregation needs to hear. Jesus talked about money all the time, and if we are going to talk about Jesus, sooner or later we have to realize that money […]

Groundbreaking Part 2: Prayer for a Chapel

By : April 18, 2016

One of the casualties of our new construction will be our old chapel. It sits on what will eventually be our new lobby. The chapel is in no way architecturally distinguished—its only artistic distinction being the stained glass windows—which will be preserved and reused elsewhere. Mostly the chapel was used for quiet prayer and daily […]

Time For Thanks

By : November 19, 2015

The weekend before Thanksgiving is always a very special one around here. It’s when we ask for money. A few notes about that. First, we only ask for money once a year. Not counting the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal, which we have no control over, we only ask for money once year when it comes to […]

Teaching Tithing

By : October 17, 2015

This past week at Nativity we preached a tough message, at least for most Catholics: Giving. And not just giving, but we dared to call it by its biblical name: Tithing. Everybody knows churches, like any organization, need money and resources to function, but for any number of reasons, giving and tithing have become a […]

5 Things Pastors Should Do

By : April 27, 2015

Every parishioner can tell you what a pastor should do. Most would be more than happy to do so. And just try and stop some of them. But rarely is there a great deal of unanimity about what those things are. Sometimes there is, in fact, opposing views about what we should be doing. And […]

Lent 2015

By : February 22, 2015

The annual observance of Lent brings a two-fold theme of repentance from sin and selfishness, thereby renewing our baptismal commitment, as well as our annual preparation for the celebration of Easter. Traditionally the Church has taught us to turn with renewed discipline and dedication to the spiritual pillars of prayer, penance, and giving. Prayer The […]

Defying Common Wisdom and Standard Practice

By : February 16, 2015

At Nativity we often find ourselves defying common wisdom and standard practice, much to the ongoing astonishment of many colleagues and friends. We don’t do it just to be different, we do it because so much of what goes on in churchworld no longer works. But church-people keep doing it anyway, because, well, that’s what […]

Smart and Healthy Parishes

By : January 11, 2015

Our senior leadership team just wrapped up two intense days of review and planning for our parish, looking ahead to 2015. We worked with our friend, Patrick Lencioni. Pat is author of more than 10 best selling books all about best practices in business and leadership development. If you haven’t read any of his stuff, […]

8 Steps for a More Successful Stewardship Sunday

By : November 22, 2014

This time of year brings our annual celebration of Stewardship Sunday when we talk about our stewardship of our local parish church, our investment in this part of Christ’s kingdom movement, here in Timonium, Maryland. Here are 8 things we do that have helped make our stewardship appeals quite successful in recent years: #1. We […]