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Mission Weekend

This Advent our message series is focusing on giving and growing in generosity. And in this season and this series we will focus on both. This weekend will bring our annual Missions Weekend, highlighting our partners in Haiti and Kenya, while also supporting our partners in Nigeria. We’re offering the opportunity to sponsor a child […]

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Dedication of a Church

Father in heaven, source of holiness and true purpose, it is always right that we praise and glorify your name. For today we stand before you, to dedicate to your lasting service this house of prayer. Here is reflected the mystery of the Church. The Church is One, the dwelling place of God on earth: a […]

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Evangelization | Making Church Matter

Church Attendance: Why Bother?

Fewer Christians are attending church each year. This is true in North and South America, Eastern and Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, you name it. There are lots of reasons why. The culture of religion has been usurped by professional and kids sports. Add that to a list that includes secularization, rejection of authority, the […]

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Evangelization | Making Church Matter | Vision

Know Your Neighborhood

This week we are in Austria for a Rebuilt Conference. We love our friends and partners here and greatly enjoy working with parishes in this beautiful country. Today we took the morning to visit one of the most popular tourist attractions here, the Schonbrunn Palace, the home of the Hapsburg monarchs and their family. It […]

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