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5 Things Leaders Do

Great leaders, and those of us aspiring to be, all do certain things that are worth reflecting on when it comes to leading a parish. Here are 5, in no particular order. They Simplify the Complex Great leaders stick with a problem or idea long enough, and engage it deeply enough, to clear away the […]

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Leadership | Making Church Matter

5 Challenges Growing Churches Face

Healthy growing churches are great and that’s what everyone wants for their church. But don’t be fooled: growing churches don’t mean churches without problems. They have challenges just like any kind of church…just different ones. Here are 5: 1. The Pastor Is Less Available When I first came to Nativity I stood by the front […]

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Healthy Competition and Unhealthy Comparisons

I confess that I take some time every week to look at other church web sites. Nothing wrong with that, you can learn a lot from others and using your neighbor’s good ideas is an entrenched part of the culture of churchworld. But, if I were entirely honest I would have to admit that there […]

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Leadership | What's new at Nativity

A Wise and Gentle Pastor

On Thursday the Church saw the passing of one of her greatest sons, William Cardinal Keeler, Archbishop Emeritus of Baltimore. Pope Francis called him a “wise and gentle pastor.” I had the honor of serving as the Cardinal’s first Priest-Secretary in the 1990’s before he appointed me as Pastor of the Church of the Nativity. […]

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