Making Church Matter

“All-In” for Rebuilt 2020

One of the hardest things to do when beginning a parish rebuilding process is to imagine the vision clearly and concretely.  There are so many things that just can’t be grasped through the written word or digital channels.  The feel of a place when you walk in.  The warmth that comes from a gracious welcome.  […]

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Making Church Matter | Vision

Our Values: Growth-Oriented

We are using this space these days to reflect on the values that we rely on in serving our mission as a parish. This week: “growth oriented.” Check out previous posts in this series: simple and adaptable. Automatic Growth vs Intentional Growth Growing churches come in basically two types. There are churches that are well […]

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Evangelization | Making Church Matter

Saddleback Journal

Every year, my friend Pastor Rick Warren leads a fantastic conference at Saddleback Church on building healthy, purpose-driven churches.  I had the privilege of being a part of this year’s conference when Rick asked me to speak at the final session on “Leading Your Church Through Change.”  Tom, my associate, and I first came to […]

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