How NOT to Ask for Money This Year

Many of the bitter fruits of the COVID crisis can be ignored, at least for a time. But unlike lower attendance, decreased engagement, and smaller reach, parishes can’t ignore the issue of money for long. Bills come due, staff salaries must be paid; maintenance cannot be deferred indefinitely. Giving is down in almost all parishes, […]

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Communication | Leadership

United in Vision

This year’s election has felt increasingly like a contest not so much of two politicians or parties but of competing visions for the future of the country. In each case, the other side is represented as an existential threat, a radical departure from life as we know it, and a sure step towards a bleak […]

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Keep Your Politics to Yourself

They say in polite conversation to never discuss politics or religion. In my profession, I find it pretty difficult to stay away from the topic of religion. However, I have found it necessary to stay far away from the topic of politics, at least here in church. In fact, I do not talk politics in […]

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What's new at Nativity

Christmas Comes to You

This year we’ve reimagined just about everything our church does, from the way we worship to the way we work. The disruption has created many problems, but our team has been there with creative solutions, many of which will become permanent even after Covid fades away. But the most daunting challenge of reinvention comes now, […]

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5 Ways to Bring People Back to Church This Fall

If there is a single, principal fear that pastors and church workers share in this season of COVID-19, it is the fear that people simply won’t come back to church. Declining attendance was already an established pattern pre-COVID, which has now simply accelerated. Church leaders know that with disaffiliated parishioners comes the loss of funding […]

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The Parish of the Future

In July, the Vatican’s Congregation for Clergy issued an instruction on the “pastoral conversion” of the parish community in the service of the evangelizing mission of the Church. While the focus of the document was clearly on evangelization, it also made a number of important points regarding the reality of parish life moving forward. Here […]

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