November 24, 2010

We are celebrating Thanksgiving, so I am thinking of gratitude.  

I am grateful for the gift of faith, and for a Savior who who continues to save me from myself and my sin. I am grateful to God for all his goodness to me in this last year, one that has been filled with abundant grace and blessings. I am grateful to him for the family and friends that richly bless my life.  

I am grateful for our church family at Nativity and the opportunity to serve as pastor here, which is the greatest privilege of my life.  I am grateful for my staff and the amazing work they are doing. I am grateful to our member-ministers and their selfless contribution, I am grateful to our Small Group members, especially the members of my own Small Group, for their commitment to Christian discipleship and fellowship. I am grateful for the Stewardship of our members and the gifts of time and talent they share among us. 

I am grateful for the thousands of people who come here each week looking for God, and I am blown away that God keeps showing up in such striking and moving ways.  

I am grateful for our country and our freedom.  I am grateful for the beautiful community of Timonium in which I live. I am grateful for all the kindness that people in this community have shown me.  I am grateful for the service that God has called us to undertake in other communities, in Baltimore City, in Nigeria and now in Haiti.  I am grateful for the lessons in gratitude that the people in those places have taught me.

I am grateful for all of you, my readers and I want to thank you for lending me your time and attention.  

Happy Thanksgiving.

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