Learn and Grow as You Go

If you were to ask me to pin point the exact moment in time when we changed course as a parish community and started deliberately moving in a more successful direction, I could tell you without hesitation. One day, several frustrating years into working here, Tom Corcoran, then our Youth Minister, walked into my office […]

10 Reasons You Should Attend Matter: Reasons 7-8-9-10

MATTER 14 is our second ever Church conference for parish leaders. It is scheduled for November 6 & 7. Here are some important reasons you should attend, and bring your team. Reason #7 This year the conference is a two-day event, we begin on Thursday evening and run through Friday afternoon. As such, it’s going […]

10 Reasons You Should Attend Matter: Reasons 4-5-6

Little more than a month from now (November 6 & 7) Church of the Nativity will be hosting our second ever Church Conference. It’s called Matter and I’ve been blogging about why you should attend (see previous post for reasons #1-3). Here are some more reasons to attend:  Reason #4 You should attend Matter because […]

10 Reasons You Should Attend Matter

10 Reasons You Should Attend Matter Reasons 1-3 On November 6 & 7th we will be hosting our second ever Church Conference, we call it Matter. Here are reasons why you should attend. Reason #1: Matter is a unique event for pastors, parish leaders, staff and volunteer ministers, interested parishioners, anyone who is interested in […]


We have all heard it said that timing is everything. And when it comes to God’s timing, it’s perfect. In the Bible, the prophet Habakkuk understood that well. He speaks words of hope and inspiration to God’s people, amidst a period filled with daunting challenges. Despite the difficulties, Habakkuk sees God poised and ready to […]

Schools for Discipleship

For a few years now we have been consistently preaching and teaching about the value of faith-sharing groups we call Small Groups. A while back we started using the mantra that we don’t just want to be a church with Small Groups, we want to be a church of Small Groups. Why? Well, it’s not […]

Maybe You Should Leave Your Parish

Probably the number one question we receive in speaking, nearly any place we go, revolves around the question of people leaving the church. Inevitably, church folk will ask us, with sincerity and innocence, “If we change our church strategy, if we change our church’s direction, won’t people complain, maybe even leave?” Sure they will, and […]

7 Traits of Amazing Parishes

All this week we have been in Denver for the first ever Amazing Parish Conference, and it was, well, amazing. The brain child of several Catholic lay leaders including, most notably, best selling author and business consultant Patrick Lencioni, the basic idea was to bring together parishes from across the country to share ideas and […]

Sydney Journal

Greetings from Sydney Australia. Tom Corcoran and I have been here all week at the invitation of the Australian Bishop’s Conference. Sydney is a big city. But also beautiful, clean, safe, and friendly. There is, as far as I can see, nothing not to like here. Did I mention that it’s beautiful, clean, safe, and […]

5 Ways to Hang a “Closed” Sign on Your Church

I’ve mentioned before that there was a Protestant Church here in our community (our very vibrant community) that recently closed. The congregation got too small to sustain the place and they agreed to close up shop and put the place up for sale. The thing about this particular church is that it sits on one […]