7 Keys to Inspiring Vision Casting

Casting an inspiring and faithful vision is an essential part of living out your church’s mission. Every church leader has a vision planted in them by God for their ministry, but fewer stick around to see their vision become a reality. That doesn’t have to be. Here are some common pitfalls to be avoided as […]

Tackling the Tough Questions- 5 Lessons For Telling the Truth Gracefully

If you’re a part of a church staff or other ministry and don’t live under a rock, you’ve likely come face-to-face with having to answer tough questions on morals and doctrine. Answering tough and touchy questions is just part of working for a counter-cultural Church. After decades, even centuries of debate on certain issues, you […]

People-Pleasing Verses Leadership

I knew an enthusiastic pastor who came to a church that was brimming with potential. He had terrific ideas and couldn’t wait to get going. Fast-forward five years, he’s no longer there and all that potential remains untapped. Ever wonder how your leadership potential gets crushed? It happens easily and more often than you might […]

6 Reasons Your Church Isn’t Growing

Healthy things grow. That’s just how life works. But looking around, there isn’t always evidence our churches are alive. In nature, growth is simple- it takes a seed, some good soil, sunlight, and water. When it comes to growing churches, it’s really not that much different in essence- the Gospel, planted in a good community, […]

Purpose Without the Politics: 3 Tips on Navigating the Polls from the Pulpit

Politics and the pulpit. For some church leaders they are oil and water- always separate. For others, it’s fire and gasoline- always setting off some conflagration. Whatever you say, some of your congregation will want you to be more political, others less. The Catholic Church officially never endorses politicians or parties, nor should it (though […]

3 Tips on Reaching the Culture of Spiritual Comfort

What’s more challenging (and annoying) to Christians than outright hostility? Indifference. And that’s exactly the attitude of most of the unchurched people in your community (the hostile one’s are just louder). The truth is, most unchurched people you encounter do not feel morally or even spiritually bankrupt. Actually, they’re spiritually quite “comfortable.” Reaching this group […]

Four Steps Toward More Spiritually Mature Disciples

When it comes to growing disciples, we’ve been led to think we must choose between quantity or quality. I’m not sure where that line of thinking began, but it needs to stop. God calls our churches to multi-dimensional growth; discipleship is about going both deeper and wider. We aim to make spiritually mature disciples. Mature […]

Purpose Driven Church Conference | 2016

In our book Rebuilt, I wrote about a significant experience while attending a conference at Saddleback Church in California. After sitting through a tough and challenging talk about what it takes to become a healthy, growing church, I stormed out in self-righteous rage. Eventually, though, I came to realize I had just been personally called […]

Focus on Flow: 3 Ways to Move Your Mass Celebration from Good to Great

Often the difference between a great experience at Mass, and just a good or not-so-great one, isn’t an innovative tech system or a small army of ministers (though both might be handy), but something more simple and intuitive, like flow. And probably the only thing it will cost you and your team is a little […]

The Rebuilt Field Guide

I just got back from another trip visiting our publisher, Ave Maria Press, at Notre Dame. I’m always inspired and grateful after spending time with them. (By the way, allow me to make a plug for their amazing parish resources, check them out @ avemariapress.com) There was a lot on our agenda. We started exploratory […]