Vision Campaign Update

After several years of planning, in the spring of 2014 we announced plans for a new 1500 seat sanctuary. To finance the project we also at that time launched a campaign. Far from an old fashion fundraiser, the “Vision” campaign, as we came to call it, was presented as a spiritual exercise. No one was […]


Matter has mass and occupies volume. Our Catholic faith is grounded in matter: The Sacraments of the Church and the Incarnation of the Lord all rely on matter. Our parish churches are all about matter: people, buildings, a geographical location, and parish boundaries. Matter also refers to meaning and importance and is a value we […]

A Simple Essential of Growing Healthy Parishes

One of the most effective things you can possibly do to grow a healthy parish that is easy to get started, not particularly demanding when it comes to maintenance, and, best of all, free: Greeters. Really? Yeah, really. There are lots of reasons people give us for how they found their way to our church, […]

Healthy and Unhealthy Churches

This week we finished up our participation in Parish Catalyst, a four-part gathering of parishes all about parish excellence. Conceived and conducted by our good friends Bill Simon and Claire Henning, this first class of 12 parishes (they called us a cohort) was all about gathering dynamic parishes from various parts of North America, and […]

The “New” Nones

Who’s in your parish? Increasingly, the answer is “None.” And no, “None” is not a number; it’s a religious identity. As many who work for churches know, in 2012, Pew Research Center released their infamous report about the so-called “Nones On the Rise”. Nones are the fastest growing “denomination” in our religious landscape. The latest […]

4 Biblical Lessons for Today’s Leaders

The Bible is full of the stories of some of the greatest saints and sinners in history. But based on this assessment, we often assume that these characters are either too good or too bad to teach us any really concrete life lessons. This summer, our parish has been surveying “imperfect” characters from the Bible […]

3 Tips for Hiring Church Staff

This is typically the time of year when churches experience staff transitions and changes. Here at Nativity we’re not expecting very many changes at all this year, but still I was thinking about it in view of some of our past experiences. Hiring new staff members is one of the most important things I will […]

5 Questions to Ask Why Your Church Isn’t Growing

Growth is a sign of life. Of course, weeds also grow, so it’s important that your church cultivates healthy growth. Whether your congregation is large or small, affluent or financially challenged, old or new, we all want our churches to be places where the Gospel can grow. As one writer puts it, the vision is […]

Summer Projects

With school out and Memorial Day already behind us we are well into the summer season. I count about 12 weeks until we begin our fall season with “Kick-Off” weekend. Meanwhile I want to make the most of the time, so that I am in a strong position to meet our busiest season. Here’s my […]


We were happy to announce this past weekend that registration for our Matter.15 Conference opened. Our Director of Student Ministries, Chris Wesley, recently posted about 4 reasons you won’t want to miss it. We hope your staff will take advantage of the early bird pricing. What is matter? Science will tell you matter has mass […]