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Lent 2016

“I will suffer and be killed, and then I will be raised.” Luke 9.22 Reading this Gospel passage I always wonder what the original disciples must have felt when they heard these words spoken by Jesus. His message is suffering and death and then a strange promise they did not understand. Furthermore, he tells his disciples, if you […]

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Make Christmas Eve Matter: Four Strategies for a More Effective Experience

Despite what you may have heard, Christmas still matters to most people, including the unchurched. The reasons many people come to church on Christmas Eve may be nothing more than to please a family member or sing carols. But it’s the church’s job to transform that experience and use it as an opportunity for evangelization. […]

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Leadership | Scripture | Vision

John the Baptist- Agent of Change

We’re already moving into the third week of Advent, and I’d like to take a quick opportunity to reflect on some pretty amazing passage about John the Baptist taken from our Advent readings. They say: A voice of one crying out in the desert: “Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight his paths. Every […]

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Discipleship | Evangelization | Making Church Matter | Scripture | Stewardship

Lent 2015

The annual observance of Lent brings a two-fold theme of repentance from sin and selfishness, thereby renewing our baptismal commitment, as well as our annual preparation for the celebration of Easter. Traditionally the Church has taught us to turn with renewed discipline and dedication to the spiritual pillars of prayer, penance, and giving. Prayer The […]

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It’s definitely Christmastime. Not liturgically of course, but certainly culturally. And at Christmastime it seems like angels are everywhere. Most nearly all religions and religious traditions profess belief in some form of angels. But those traditions and theologies can be very different: from the sacred to the secular, from the sublime to the ridiculous, angels […]

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Evangelization | Scripture

Five Habits of Evangelization

In Jesus’ own ministry had a plan for the specific places, and sometimes even the specific people he would share the Gospel with. This plan is outlined in 10th chapter of Luke.   At that time the Lord appointed seventy-two whom he sent ahead of him in pairs, to every town and place he intended […]

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