Evangelization | What's new at Nativity

Advent 2019

This week we begin one of my very favorite seasons of the year. To mark the season we are launching a new message series called “Light,” all about … light, which will also be the theme of our Christmas Eve celebration this year. As an Advent gift to our parishioners, we are distributing a little […]

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Giving and Thanks

Let us come before the LORD with thanksgiving. Psalm 95 This week we celebrated Stewardship Sunday, reflecting on the blessing our parish is to our members and in the life of the community. As part of the celebration, we invited members and “regulars” to make a financial commitment to the parish for 2020. And I […]

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Making Church Matter | Vision

Stewardship Weekend

We usually say that “Kick-Off” weekend is the best weekend of the year, but “Stewardship” Weekend is a close second.  That’s right, one of our staff’s (and our parishioner’s) favorite weekends of the year is the weekend when we ask for money.  This coming weekend is Stewardship Weekend, the only weekend of the year that […]

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Evangelization | Making Church Matter

The Unchurched

Recently, the Pew Research Center released an update to an ongoing study of religious identification and engagement among Americans.  The results should sound familiar at this point: an increase in the number of people identifying as unaffiliated with any particular religion, increasingly infrequent church attendance, and declining religiosity among younger generations. Data like this should […]

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Leadership | Vision

Our Values: Hospitable

We are in the last week of a series of blog posts all about our values as a staff.  This week, hospitality. We define hospitality as “wow-ing” people with extraordinary service.  We want each guest who steps onto our campus to feel like every aspect of the experience was designed with them in mind.  Here […]

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