October 17, 2010

Today we start a new series all about getting life in order, by establishing the correct priorities. It’s a topic that is of great interest to me, so I am really looking forward to this series. Jesus gives us some simple, solid advice on the subject:

Seek first the kingdom of God
and all these things will be given you besides.
Luke 12.31
Put God’s kingdom first on your list and then all the things you worry about, all the things you stress on, all the stuff you’re afraid won’t get done will fall into their proper place.
Ever tried that?  You might well ask, “How do I try that, how am I suppose to do that?”
Good question.  All your priorities will be determined by two things:  how you spend your time and how you spend your money.  So, if God isn’t a part of both of those priorities, then he’s just not a priority for you.  If he is, then things will begin to fall into their proper place, you’ll have more time, less debt, less stress, more confidence and clarity.
It comes down to giving and praying, its just that simple.  I’ve got to be giving away money and time in service on a weekly basis, and I’ve got to be praying daily.  My gifts of money should go to my place of worship as an act of worship and to assist the poor. My gifts of time should go in service to my place of worship and to the poor.  Finally my gift of time is given directly to God in prayer and worship.
I can honestly say that when I pray as I should my days are better ordered and my ability to handle what is coming my way is significantly improved.  On the other hand, when I fail to pray, my day can quickly fall into turmoil or conflict, I can find myself being terrifically unproductive.  Same for service, however busy I am, when I carve out time for service I inevitably find myself with more.  
Money provides an even clearer, more dramatic contrast in my life.  Before I was serious about worship-giving my finances were a mess, I was saddled with stupid credit card debt, I saved nothing and I spent foolishly.  Since making the decision to tithe my salary I have paid off all my debt, started saving, and curbed my spending significantly.  
All these things are related.  
Seek first the kingdom of God, in simple, practical daily efforts, and your days will go better for you.  

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