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7 Great Practices Continued

July 1, 2009

This past Sunday we published four of the seven “great practices” we had found in successful Churches. Below are the final three practices. Take a look.

Practice Five:

Not only are you only as good as your web site, you are your website. The Internet is the most important place and way your Church will grow and grow influential. “Internet Churches” work.

Practice Six:

Missions, and outward focus in service-missions, keep a Church healthy within.

Practice Seven:

Successful, healthy Churches have strong leadership, with long-term commitment, a clear sense of purpose and great flexibility and willingness to learn and grow. These Churches don’t rely on votes, or popular opinion, or the will of the leader or the rule of a committee or anything else but the will of God. They spend time in prayer learning the will of god. They go with what God is blessing and humbly set aside what he is not blessing.

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