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Preparing for Your Parish’s Best Summer Ever

By : May 28, 2016

Anyone who works at a church knows the summer generally means less attendance, less offertory, and less “going on” in general. But that doesn’t mean the summer is time to check out until September rolls around. Beyond the obvious benefit of refreshment and renewal the summer vacation should provide (if you plan it properly), summertime is […]

Inheriting Leadership: 6 Ways to Prepare for Your Next Big Transition

By : May 19, 2016

This is the time of year for new leadership transitions. In the Catholic world, May to July is usually the season for ordinations and new church assignments. Some are becoming pastors for the first time- others are just moving on. You might be taking over the reins from a great leader, or someone who didn’t […]

4 Ways to Build an “Acts” Culture in Your Church

By : April 9, 2016

Our latest message series at Nativity for the Easter season, called “Groundbreaking,” has got me thinking a lot about what the Early Church did and looked like. This message, by the way, is all about how Jesus’ resurrection changed the face of history, and how deeply that resonated with the Apostles and the first Christ […]

5 Characteristics of a Contagious Staff Culture

By : February 26, 2016

This week Nativity’s Strategic Leadership Team (there are 6 of us) took a day for an off-site retreat to reflect on and assess how things are and where they are going. Our retreat was not prompted by any major issue or particular problem, but by the consistent, ongoing evaluation that characterizes any healthy, growing organization. […]

Four Reasons Churches Don’t Change (even when they need to)

By : January 3, 2016

There’s one difference between God and the Church: God doesn’t need to change. But, the most effective and successful churches are constantly changing. The message and the mission never change- that’s a God thing- but the methods and techniques we use to communicate that mission/message are in constant need of re-shaping to reach the ever-changing […]

Five Core Values of a Healthy Church

By : October 25, 2015

The Church is a living thing. It’s a body, not a building. When we talk about a healthy church, it’s important we make that distinction, because often our plan for growing healthy churches is aimed more at the latter than the former. And they are very different in practice. Think of some healthy churches and […]

Reality Check: Signs Your Parish Might Be in Maintenance Mode

By : October 3, 2015

The tug of day-to-day church culture will always be away from Evangelization and Discipleship and toward simple maintenance. Why? Because it’s easier and church people will always try and drive the culture that direction. In maintenance mode parishioners don’t do any of the work and get all the attention, so why wouldn’t they lean that […]

A Simple Essential of Growing Healthy Parishes

By : July 30, 2015

One of the most effective things you can possibly do to grow a healthy parish that is easy to get started, not particularly demanding when it comes to maintenance, and, best of all, free: Greeters. Really? Yeah, really. There are lots of reasons people give us for how they found their way to our church, […]

4 Biblical Lessons for Today’s Leaders

By : July 10, 2015

The Bible is full of the stories of some of the greatest saints and sinners in history. But based on this assessment, we often assume that these characters are either too good or too bad to teach us any really concrete life lessons. This summer, our parish has been surveying “imperfect” characters from the Bible […]

3 Tips for Hiring Church Staff

By : July 3, 2015

This is typically the time of year when churches experience staff transitions and changes. Here at Nativity we’re not expecting very many changes at all this year, but still I was thinking about it in view of some of our past experiences. Hiring new staff members is one of the most important things I will […]