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The Rebuilt Show

June 9, 2016

If you’ve been keeping up with my Twitter, you might have noticed that our staff at Nativity are filming a TV show. We have partnered up with our amazing friends at CatholicTV to put together 13 episodes of what we are calling The Rebuilt Show. It will air in the Fall and Spring, and you will be able to catch it either on TV (depending on your cable provider) or online if not available in your area.

Aside from the fun and creativity the project has afforded us, the show is really all about sharing practical tips and strategies for the serious work of making disciples, by growing healthy parishes. That’s why we’ve thought it worth the extra time and energy to make it happen, in addition to all the other stuff that is going on here these days.

Each episode takes a page out of our book Rebuilt, with personal illustrations from our own experiences here at Nativity. Each episode goes into greater detail, including stories and discussion about things we’ve learned since the book came out. We’ve pulled in special guests from our staff and parish to share their personal testimony too. We think there will be something of interest for anyone who either works at a parish, diocese, or simply loves their parish and wants to see it grow.

Here’s just a sample of some of the topics covered:

  • Create a meaningful and impactful Sunday Experience
  • Recruit and train an amazing team of adult ministers and volunteers
  • Establish a healthy, attractive staff culture
  • Build a thriving student ministry youth love attending
  • Organize local, national, and international missions
  • Get your small groups up and running
  • How to put together your best and most effective Christmas service ever
  • Stewardship and how to raise a culture of givers in your parish

These are all elements any parish needs to stay (or grow) healthy. We really tried to cover all the essentials while not rehashing out of date strategies, or being overly simplistic or abstract.

Look for The Rebuilt Show on CatholicTV this fall.

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