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Rebuilt | 2018

By : October 6, 2017

This week, registration opened on our brand new website for our brand new conference, Rebuilt | 2018, check it out at For a number of years a few of years ago, we hosted an annual gathering each fall for our staff and lay leaders, including the Parish Council. The purpose of this mini retreat […]

The Big News About Small Groups

By : September 28, 2017

This weekend is our annual Fall Small Group Launch, an opportunity for parishioners who don’t have a group to give it a try. Our Small Group Team will be hosting sign-ups all weekend long, just off the Concourse, offering opportunities for all kinds of groups (men’s, women’s, mixed, affinity) at nearly any time or day […]

Worship in Our New Church

By : September 22, 2017

Worship in Our New Church  These days we are settling into our new church building. It is a thrilling period in the life of our parish and certainly a lot of fun. But it also raises questions and brings challenges, as do any changes or transitions in life. Here are five that have stimulated some […]

Dedication of a Church

By : September 11, 2017

Father in heaven, source of holiness and true purpose, it is always right that we praise and glorify your name. For today we stand before you, to dedicate to your lasting service this house of prayer. Here is reflected the mystery of the Church. The Church is One, the dwelling place of God on earth: a […]

One Week and Counting #newchurchcountdown

By : September 3, 2017

This weekend was the last in our current 70’s era church. At the end of all weekend Masses we prayed a “Decommissioning” prayer (see below). It provided a poignant closure for our community. But we’re not entirely saying good-bye. This space will continue to serve our parish in important ways. Renamed the “Theatre” Saturday afternoons […]

Two Weeks and Counting #newchurchcountdown

By : August 30, 2017

Leading into our new church dedication my blog will be introducing readers to our new church facility. This week allow me to introduce you to a sweeping new space we’re calling “The Concourse.” Think of it as a kind of Main Street, connecting the church, the new café, the theatre, and the kids and student […]

Three Weeks and Counting #newchurchcountdown

By : August 22, 2017

For the next few weeks my blog will be introducing readers to our new church facility so that when we move in you feel right at home! We’ll begin in the “East Lobby.” Where in the world is the East Lobby you might ask? Well, it’s literally east of the new, main lobby, regulars will […]

3 Steps on How to Transition Guests Into Parishioners

By : August 11, 2017

    This is the time of year when attendance in many churches is down, due to vacations. But as the vacation season comes to an end, (for us in Baltimore County, that would be this week and next) and especially as the school year gets started, you can be sure of one thing: more […]

Church Attendance: Why Bother?

By : July 30, 2017

Fewer Christians are attending church each year. This is true in North and South America, Eastern and Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, you name it. There are lots of reasons why. The culture of religion has been usurped by professional and kids sports. Add that to a list that includes secularization, rejection of authority, the […]

Gossip: It Can Poison Your Staff and Stunt Church Growth

By : July 23, 2017

As a Pastor or staff leader, one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is managing and mentoring your staff.  You’ll often be involved in things that will take you out of your comfort zone – handling gossip will be one of those things.  Unfortunately, your church will never be a healthy growing church if gossip […]