Evangelization | Making Church Matter

Saddleback Journal

Every year, my friend Pastor Rick Warren leads a fantastic conference at Saddleback Church on building healthy, purpose-driven churches.  I had the privilege of being a part of this year’s conference when Rick asked me to speak at the final session on “Leading Your Church Through Change.”  Tom, my associate, and I first came to […]

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Communication | Leadership

Dealing with Criticism: 3 Rules

I have become convinced that there is a class of people, at least in Catholic culture, who truly believe their spiritual gift is complaint, and that their contribution to the body of Christ is criticism.  Self-proclaimed liturgists, theologians, and canon lawers who take it upon themselves to police the rest of us who are actually […]

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What's new at Nativity

Spring Update

The events and activities on our calendar this spring have curtailed blogging. So I’ll take the opportunity with this post to update everyone on what has been going on here on our Ridgely Road campus and farther afield with REBUILT. Lent and Easter We had an effective and engaging Lenten message and small group series […]

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Every Member a Minister

God has prepared good works for us to do in advance, works that he is counting on us to do, that will remain undone if we fail to do them. And one of the principle places he wants us to serve in our church family: we call it ministry. In this Sunday’s Second Reading St. […]

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Evangelization | Vision

What On Earth Am I Here For?

We are in the third week of our Lenten message series asking the basic question “Why?” “Why am I doing this?” “What am I here for?” Sometimes it can happen at a party when we don’t know many people or feel out of place, especially if you are an introvert like me. Or we step […]

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Discipleship | Evangelization

Lent Takes Time

In many countries the period before Lent is called “Carnival,” originally a Latin phrase meaning literally “farewell to meat.” The phrase was a reference to the rather rigorous approach to the whole extended season of Lent observed by the faithful and the devout in many places. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and extends until the […]

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Join Our Fishing Expedition

We are about to launch a very interesting project in the life of the parish. We’re going to complete the balcony we left unfinished when we opened our new church last year. Because of the success of our Vision Campaign we were able to complete some of the more costly items involved in a balcony […]

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