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Pastors, Take Control of Your Schedule

By : February 2, 2018

Let us go out to the nearby villages that I may preach there also. For this purpose I have come. Mark 1:38 A really pivotal scene unfolds at the end of the first chapter of Mark’s Gospel. After an intense day of preaching and teaching the crowds and healing the sick, Jesus goes off by […]

Winter Small Group Launch

By : January 26, 2018

When we first started studying healthy, growing, Evangelical churches around the country one of the things we learned about was Small Groups. The concept was not entirely unheard of in Catholic parishes, as the Renew program, widely used a number of years ago, was based on small group discussion, as a form of adult education. […]

Rebuilt 18: Transform Your Team

By : January 20, 2018

One of the major events that we’re already working on is our first ever Rebuilt Conference, April 16 & 17. Actually it’s not really a first, more like a fourth. Back about five years ago we decided to host a first ever Conference for Catholic churches, such as we had experienced in Evangelical churches. Part […]

The “Mega-church” Nextdoor Isn’t Your Enemy

By : January 12, 2018

Most church leaders I know would love to see their church grow. As a pastor or pastoral leader it is very gratifying to experience growth. At the same time, there is often criticism and complaint directed toward churches that are actually growing. A pastor I know recently commented on a growing “mega-church” in his region […]

5 Ways Our Church Will Grow in 2018

By : January 5, 2018

This past fall we opened a new sanctuary with seating for 1,000 currently, with the ability to add another 500 seats in the future. We do not want that to be the distant future however. We built because our parish had outgrown our old sanctuary and we want to keep growing. Here are 5 ways […]