Summer Building Update

We are approaching the 70-day countdown to our new building’s completion. Anyone who has been around our campus recently can see for themselves the amazing progress we’re making. Here’s a brief wrap up of where we are at this point. The construction team has been working off of a day-to-day time-line from the first. This […]

Healthy Competition and Unhealthy Comparisons

I confess that I take some time every week to look at other church web sites. Nothing wrong with that, you can learn a lot from others and using your neighbor’s good ideas is an entrenched part of the culture of churchworld. But, if I were entirely honest I would have to admit that there […]

5 Warning Signs Your Parish is Insider-Focused

Church health and growth are dependent on many factors, for sure. But bottom line, at the end of the day, churches don’t grow because they’re not healthy. And they’re not healthy because they’re focused on themselves. For all the talk about evangelization these days, the truth is that many churches remain resolutely focused on themselves, […]

Know Your Neighborhood

This week we are in Austria for a Rebuilt Conference. We love our friends and partners here and greatly enjoy working with parishes in this beautiful country. Today we took the morning to visit one of the most popular tourist attractions here, the Schonbrunn Palace, the home of the Hapsburg monarchs and their family. It […]

The Vision Campaign: An Adventure and a Miracle

Do you remember the Indiana Jones movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark?” Harrison Ford always just makes it through whatever challenge is looming. And then it’s on to the next challenge. Three years ago we launched our Vision Campaign to build a new church. In the time since, the whole campaign has felt like an […]

Update on Spring Activities

With Memorial Day fast approaching we face the end of our Spring season here at Nativity. It has been an exceptionally busy one for us. Take a look: Pastoral Activities We celebrated 150 First Communions, 85 High School Students receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation, and 25 Adults who were received into the Church at the […]

Vision “3”

Vision is a picture of a preferred future. This Easter season we’ve been looking at Vision and how it forms our perspective. Our perspective impacts the way we see the world. Our ability to be a good parent, a good boss, a good son or daughter, will only be as good as our perspective. If […]

3 Catalysts of Parish Growth

For the vast majority of Catholics in the world, the faith is lived and learned and experienced in the local parish. The parish is the heart of the Church. But our hearts aren’t always that healthy. It’s an encouraging sign that there are a growing number of parishes and organizations who are making good progress […]

4 Simple Steps to Engage Returning Easter Guests

OK, so the crowds aren’t exactly Easter size. But unless it was truly a horrendous experience, you can bet there will be more than a few people coming back to visit you again. It’s important to keep in mind that while, yes, there are those Catholics who “religiously” show up only on Easter and Christmas, […]

Make the Most of Your Easter “Season”

We have a saying here at Nativity: “You’re always in a season.” Just as in nature, we always find ourselves in corresponding seasons of growth and fertility, seasons of maturation and harvest, seasons of decline and death. Knowing what “season” you and your church are in can be a great help for reflecting on the […]