The Great Impact of Small Groups

January 14, 2024

Small groups in the parish are opportunities for parishioners to come together to strengthen their faith through discussion, scripture study, and shared prayer. Within the complexity of a church community, small groups emerge as essential experiences that bring parishioners into closer connections and deeper fellowship. In fact, we’ve found them to be a game changer for parish life. Here’s how:

Creating Spaces for Connection

Small groups within a parish act as micro-communities, as they arise out of the communion of both the parish and the universal Church. Here individuals can break away from the larger congregation to form bonds on a more personal level. These spaces become sanctuaries where genuine connections flourish, providing a safe environment for members to share their joys, struggles, and questions related to their faith. 

Nurturing Spiritual Growth

Scripture study is at the heart of small groups, because it offers participants an opportunity to really break open God’s word and make life application. The aim is life change, spiritual strengthening, and growth in discipleship. In our first book Rebuilt, we talk about how small groups are almost like schools for discipleship. 

The Power of Prayer and Support

In times of celebrations or challenge, small groups become pillars of support through shared prayer. Here, members can lift each other up in prayer, which creates that sense of unity and solidarity. This collective strength becomes a source of comfort and encouragement, which emphasizes the communal nature of the Catholic Church. 

Fostering Fellowship Beyond Sundays 

While congregational worship is crucial, small groups extend the church experience beyond the traditional Sunday service. Regular meetings provide opportunities for fellowship, allowing members to forge lasting friendships that extend beyond the church walls. This social aspect contributes to a vibrant and interconnected church community. 

A Diverse Set of Testimonies

Every individual’s spiritual journey is unique, and small groups showcase this diversity within the parish community. By sharing personal stories, struggles, and triumphs, members gain a richer understanding of the varied paths that lead our Lord. 


Small groups are about life change, and small groups promote life change at a fundamental level that rarely happens in a weekend congregation. That’s why growing our small group program is one of our major goals for the new year. This Lenten season at Nativity will be all about the small group experience. 

Small groups are for everybody, whether you’re new to the faith or not, you have the opportunity to partake or lead a group in person or online. If you’re skeptical about whether you really need religious faith in your life, or if you’re having that feeling something is missing and you need more, or maybe you’re just feeling stuck and don’t know where to start, don’t worry. When you join a small group, you’ll receive a free copy of Rebuilt Faith which is strategically designed with daily readings over the course of six weeks to help you develop in your faith. We all know somebody who is skeptical, and you may even know somebody who may just be on the brink of giving themselves fully to Christ. Let this be your call to action to join a small group, and just watch how much Jesus can change your life for the better. 

It’s time to begin a transformative journey by signing up for a small group here at the Church of the Nativity – where genuine connections, spiritual growth, and a warm community awaits you, fostering a deeper, more enriching faith experience. If you’re already part of a small group, consider taking that next step in becoming a leader. Guiding others in their faith journey not only deepens your own understanding but also contributes to the growth within the Nativity community. 

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