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An “Off the Hook” Weekend

September 7, 2012

We have an expression around here when we’re excited about something, when it’s fresh and new and exciting: we say it’s “off the hook.”

Well this coming weekend is going to be nothing less than “off the hook.” This is “Kick-Off Weekend” when we kick off our fall programs. We have programs for kids and students and we have programs for adults: specifically, small group programs, ministry programs and missions.  We also have programs for people who are interested in becoming members or becoming Catholics.  We are using this weekend to introduce you to our programs, or reintroduce you to them and, hopefully, get you involved.  As always we want to help you take the next step that is the next step for you and your family. Kick-Off Weekend is when it happens, and the tents (plural) on the plaza are where it happens. Plan to spend some time after Mass on the plaza. Your kids are not going to let you rush home anyway because we’ve got games and prizes and lots of fun for them…also on the Plaza.

Speaking of kids, this weekend we also return to our regular weekend schedule including Kidzone, All Stars, Time Travelers, and Kid’s Small Groups.  Do not miss the cool new set in Time Travelers.  For students, Uprising, Ascent and Resurrection all get underway too.

In church take a look at the new look we’ve got going on, and some new technology too. Both our bands will be offering exciting new worship music you will love (I heard Al’s band practicing this morning, and all I can say is wow!). I will be launching a brand new message series, which is looking to be one of the most practical, helpful and useful series we have ever done.

We’ve also got a new look going in the Café, as well a new menu with lots of tasty and healthy choices.  Our ministers are pumped up and ready to serve, and the place never looked better.

I usually like to under promise and then over deliver (which I think would also characterize most of our staff as well). But I can’t lie to you. This is going to be an off the hook weekend, and if you ever invited someone who doesn’t have a church to our church, this is that weekend.

Be excited. Be very excited.

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  1. This weekend “blew me away”! This happens every weekend but this one was special as it has pushed me to “cross the line” and take those first steps to becoming a true disciple and committing to being an ACTIVE partner of our church. I can’t wait! I feel renewed!

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