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October 11, 2013

“For a while when our book Rebuilt came out, I was like a proud first time parent, who just couldn’t stop talking about it and how well it was doing. Then some of my staff had a little intervention and told me to knock it off, and I have (mostly). Nevertheless dear blog readers, it seems the time has come for an update on book news, of which there is a lot. If this topic does not interest you, check back next week and I promise to move on to other topics.

First of all, Rebuilt is selling very well, and has been an Amazon best seller now for months. Amazon places books in categories it thinks a book belongs and then ranks them there. Our categories are “Catholicism” “Church Growth” and “Christian Ministry & Leadership” and most every day we are in the top ten in each category, typically the top five (as of this writing we are at #2,3, and 4 respectively). In overall books, we usually remain in the top 1,000. The book is in its 5th reprinting.

Second, we learn from the publisher that arrangements are being made to publish the book in Spanish and Polish. I do not speak either, so obviously I will not be involved in the projects but its exciting to consider.

Third, interest in the book elsewhere brings quite a lot of speaking invitations, which we are getting better at sorting through. At this point we have been all over the country, which is a huge honor and privilege, as well as a lot of fun. Today we even got an invitation to speak in Australia (I waited a whole minute before accepting).

Fourth, our next book, Tools for Rebuilding will be released in November, but is already available for advance orders on Amazon, and is selling quite well.

Fifth, and finally, advanced copies of Tools will be available for the very first time ever, anywhere, at our “Matter” conference on Friday, November 8. If you are not signed up for this one-day event, you need to do that today. Go to our web site now. It will sell out.

That’s it, thanks for letting me brag a bit. I promise now to stop.”

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  1. Fr. White, Congrats to you and Tom. Your thoughtful and common sense approach told in an easy to understand narrative is a blessing from God and you. Thanks for your strength, wisdom and focus in continuing down this vital path. Can’t wait to read Book 2.
    Peace. John

  2. Have been following Nativity for a few years now and its been great to watch all the way from Down Under. Have just finished the book and was encouraged to hear the story and how you and your team just keep on keeping on. Just wondering when and where you’ll be speaking here in Australia?

    You would be most welcome to visit the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland.

    God bless,

  3. When I was teaching school and learning the most innovative ways to teach reading to young children, Australia and New Zealand were in the forefront. I am so happy to see that we can now reciprocate with REBUILT. What an inspiring and encouraging book it is.

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