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Christmas is Coming

December 21, 2010

Christmas at the Fairgrounds is only days away, and all of us here are getting pretty excited about it.  Our incredible Ops Team started moving in yesterday afternoon and should be finished set up by tomorrow.  Then the tech people start installing lights and video and then the musicians begin rehearsals.  On Thursday we are having a Mass there for all our ministers (about 200 of them) who will be serving on Friday.  I love Christmas Eve at the Fairgrounds because it is paradigm for everything we do.  And its the only day of the year when our whole church community can be together (at two services).  

Here are some more challenges I want to throw your way:

#1. If you haven’t been, you need to go.  You need to be a part of our being church on Christmas Eve.  Period. Even if you don’t think you’ll like it (which you will), its not about you anyway.  Its about being the church Christ wants us to be.

#2. Please pray that God will make his presence known among us on Friday evening. Pray that he will touch and move hearts and bring people who are far from him closer.

#3. It is not too late to make an invitation. There are plenty of people who are just waiting to be asked.  I ran into a lady yesterday and she said “You finally talked me into it, I’m coming.” No one is ever insulted to be invited.  Ask God if there is anyone that you need to invite, and if he places someone on your heart, go make the invitation.

#4. If you’re not already serving, think about helping us out by coming to the 5:45 service. That will free up seats at the most popular time. And park in the “Minister’s” lot, so the best parking spaces are available for our guests.

#5. Come early. We have a great program beginning a half hour before each Mass.  The program features our own Kristin and Chris, with music by Al Walsh and the entire house band, and some special effects by our creative guys.  It is a lot of fun.  But coming early means you beat the traffic.

#6. Stay late.  Immediately following Mass, our orchestra and choir present a spectacular postlude.  Unfortunately, everyone seems in a mad dash for the doors, which guarantees they get stuck in the initial traffic following Mass.  Stay a few minutes longer, enjoy the music and avoid the crowd.

#7. Don’t forget to check out the Haiti display in the Lobby and see how everyone has been “spending less, giving more, worshiping fully and loving others” this Advent.

It is going to be a great evening and I can’t wait to see you there.

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