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“Doing” an Exceptional Easter

April 4, 2012

We are in the final days of preparation for our Easter celebration, this year for the first time ever at the Maryland State Fair.  Our Ops ministers get into high gear this afternoon and tomorrow moving our church exactly one mile north.  Our musicians are rehearsing, and they really sound great. Children’s Ministers are putting together an over the top presentation for kids called “Praise Party.” Our Adult Ministry leaders are working out the final details necessary to employ 600 member ministers who will host this event: parking cars, greeting people and generally creating an attractive and irresistible environment for our parishioners and guests. A lot of people are doing a lot.

What are you doing?

Here are three things you can do.

1) Pray for all those who are serving and for all those who are coming. Pray for those who are considering coming. Pray for the people who have never ever considered coming but see our sign on York Road and consider it for the first time.

(Have you seen the sign on York Road, across from the Giant?).

2) Fast for all of the above.

3) Invite someone (who doesn’t have a church) to come and be church with us on Sunday: perhaps a neighbor or friend, maybe a family member. That might mean the risk of refusal. But nobody is ever insulted to be invited, even if they don’t want to come. Your invitation might also mean some inconvenience if you have to accompany them or meet them there.

Do it anyway. We have 6,000 seats to fill and we can’t do it without you. Besides, right now God is preparing someone’s heart for your invitation. He doesn’t want to do it without you either.

This Easter is going to be an exceptional event, epic, unlike anything any of us has ever experienced.  Don’t just sit there. Do something.

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