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Fear is no way to lead

March 17, 2009

From Michael

Fear is something we have been talking about this Lent. The Bible says “fear no evil.” And yet we live in fear all the time. And we work in fear. Fear is a danger I face, especially in leading this Church. I know I am operating in fear when I don’t do the right thing because it is difficult or liable to bring criticism.

This past weekend I offered a challenging message all about sin, and I didn’t want to do it, I was afraid to do it. I was afraid that people wouldn’t want to hear it and turn me off. I was afraid that it would be too strong and inaccessible to people, or just that so many people have so little concept of sin and evil that they wouldn’t believe me. I was also afraid of appearing hypocritical; being a sinful person myself it is uncomfortable to point out the sin of others.

Here is what another Pastor says about it:

When a leader allows fear to control him…the people he leads ALWAYS lose.

Fear forces a leader to embrace “the way things are” rather than how they should be.

Fear causes a leader to think more about what they have to lose rather than what the Kingdom has to gain.

Fear makes a person depend on their power and ability rather than God’s.

Fear leads to impulsive and unwise decisions rather than prayed through and processed ones. (Pastor Perry Noble)

Fear is no way to lead.

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  1. Dear Father White,This has been a wonderful message as I am addressing challenges as a leader. There is so much that negatively impacts leadership through the common use of fear as a tool for control in organizations. Thanks for your gift of walking in God’s plan at Nativity and for taking on the tough issues.Bill Blattner

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