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Giving Thanks

November 22, 2016

As we come to the end of the Church calendar year and begin a new one this Sunday, I’d like to take this week to extend a special thanks to all who have made it such a special year at Church of the Nativity and beyond. As difficult as this year may have been, I am so very thankful our church family has continued to shine a light and grow and expand in our community.


– Thanks to our many ministers and volunteers who commit their time, talent, and energy to making Nativity a place of extraordinary hospitality and care.


– Thanks to all our Nativity members who come to worship with us, participate in our children and student programs, and small groups. It is our joy to serve you.


– Thanks to all our visitors and guests, family, friends, or from other churches, who have passed through our doors and worshipped with us. We hope to see or hear from you again. You are always welcome.


– Thanks to all our donors and benefactors who are committed to making our vision and mission come to life by providing the resources we need to reach the people in need.


– Thanks to all our friends in the media and publishing world, at Ave Maria Press, CatholicTV, Breadbox Media, and Salt and Light. We appreciate the creative work you do spreading the great message.


– Thanks to all the groups and dioceses that have hosted Tom and I speaking, who engaged in great discussion and learning, working together to build the Church across the globe. It was a pleasure visiting you. We hope to see you again.


– Thanks to all our staff here at Nativity, for their care and professionalism, and creating a healthy culture to work and pray each day.

A very Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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