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Guest Post: Make Christmas Family Friendly

December 16, 2012

It was the one night of the year when I didn’t want to stay up late.  Staying up late meant delaying Santa Claus.  I know that might not make sense; however, as a child I knew the sooner I went to sleep the sooner morning would come.   That’s why it blew my mind when my parents decided to take my sisters and I to midnight Mass.  What were they thinking?  Didn’t they know at every waking hour I was becoming more and more anxious…I was going crazy!

I never saw the logic in Midnight Mass for Christmas Eve.  It’s hard enough for kids to pay attention at any regular Mass, so to go when they are beyond exhaustion and anxious over what Santa might bring them is a recipe for disaster.

At Nativity the Christmas Eve experience is something for the entire family to enjoy.  That is something you’ve heard others say before, but we mean it.  We’ve intentionally kept the next generation’s experience in mind.  Our goal is to help kids live, pray and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.  That means helping them understand the full Christmas experience.

Each weekend we provide a high energy and engaging experience for the next generation called Time Travelers.  This year for Christmas Eve we are bringing this experience to the Maryland State Fairgrounds.  During the liturgy of the word we invite your kids to join us for Jingle Jam.  Here they will be given a message designed for them with incredible drama and high-energy music in a child friendly environment.  Not only will Christmas Eve be a memorable and faith enriching experience for you, but your small children as well.

Christmas Eve Mass isn’t just a tradition; it’s an experience.  It’s one meant for the entire family, to bring the entire family closer to Christ.  When the family can experience this season together it will bring the closer.  We look forward to seeing your entire family there.

Chris Wesley (@chrisrwesley)

Director of Youth Ministry

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