His Great Big Plan

January 16, 2011
It is too small a thing for you…
Isaiah 49.6

Sometimes God is trying to tell us, sometimes he’s actually using our frustrations and failures to help us see that the dreams we’re dreaming are little tiny dreams, the goals we’re pursuing are not significant, we’re taking life and shrinking it down to pocket size.

Is it possible that your current frustrations and failures in pursuit of your plan are not because the plan is too big, but because its too small? God may have a great work for you, but you’re so immersed in the details of your stuff, your so busy managing your plan, you can’t see his.

That was me for a long time. I was a micro-manager and a perfectionist. I had to do everything because it had to be perfect and it wouldn’t be perfect unless I did it. Of course I couldn’t do everything, but I tried. It is an attitude that is unsustainable and led to discouragement.  But sadder still, my small minded approach kept a lid on the great big plan God had in mind for this parish.  When I stopped focusing on my own frustration and the need to try and control everything all the time, and started focusing more on the Lord, I began to see at least some of the bigger picture.

Is it possible that your hopes and dreams and goals and plans are all about you and only about you and way too small? 

If the sum total of your dreams was crushed last night when the Ravens lost the payoffs, your dreams are too small a thing for you. If all you want is peace at any price, your dreams are too small a thing for you. If your plans don’t go any further than your next meal, or your next vacation, they’re too small for you.

God is writing the story.  God is the author of the story of your life. You’re not the author, God is.  You are main character, the leading role, in the story of your life.  The problem is that lots and lots of people step out of the leading role in the story of their own life, and step into a minor role instead. 

This week, spend some time trusting God (by giving him some prayer time). Ask him to help you see the places and ways your plan might just be too small.  Ask him to help you learn about the part you have in his great big plan…for you.

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