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It Hasn’t Snowed a Single Flurry… But Santa Dear We’re In a Hurry.

October 20, 2018

This week we invite you and your family to sign up to serve on Christmas Eve at the Fairgrounds. I know it seems far away but it will be here before you know it. Besides, if we wait till after Thanksgiving a lot of people have already made their Christmas plans and even if they want to help us out, they can’t. So, we want to get in on the front end of the discussion. Think about it.

Last year 10,000 people attended and that requires about 500 volunteers to create the irresistible environment we want to create so that guests can feel God’s love for them through service. The opportunities are simple and basically fall into 4 categories.:

  • Greeters: greet and provide basic orientation for guests as they navigate the enormous expanse of the fairgrounds
  • Host Ministers: host sections and help with seating and other guest services.
  • Jingle Jam Hosts: help host the kids programs that evening in Jingle Jam and All Stars.
  • Ops Ministers: help with set up and clean up in the days leadings up to and following Christmas (if you can’t possibly do Christmas Eve, you can sign up for a shift with our Ops Team for some other day).

If you have never served before, if you’re not currently a minister, this is a great time to start. It is definitely a lot of fun, and a beautiful addition to a very special evening. And it can be a family affair. Every age group can serve: kids, teenagers, adults, seniors. Many families have made it a Christmas tradition.

What a wonderful way to teach your children or grandchildren a broader view, a more generous and selfless view of your family’s Christmas celebration.

We’re only asking for a commitment to a 2 or 2 ½ hour shift and you will have a supervisor providing instruction and everything you’ll need to succeed.

If you already serve every year and are planning to serve this year too, please sign up as well so that we can know you are in.

You can sign up all weekend long here on our Ridgely Road campus, just head to the displays on the Concourse. You can sign up online anytime.

In this Sunday’s Gospel reading Jesus reveals to his apostles that true greatness, as God calculates greatness, comes in service to others. This year, lets have a really great Christmas.


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