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Leading Toward A Great Vision

April 27, 2012

1) Yesterday I was talking with a couple who are recent regulars to our parish.  They were not attending Catholic Church previously, though they were both raised Catholic (including, of course, Catholic school). Nevertheless they’re people of amazing faith in Christ. As I listened to them tell me their story I started thinking…

You can begin to get a sense of what God is up to by looking at the people he is placing around you.  Look at the people he is bringing in the door.  If he is surrounding you with amazing people, it could be because amazing things are about to happen. Take a look around at the people who are gathering in your life or your church.  Take a look at the people who are leaving too. They will tell you something about what God wants to do.

I am overwhelmed by the people God is assembling here at Nativity, the talent, influence and ability.  It is amazing and humbling and tells me God has a great vision for this parish and he’s staffing us up to lead toward that vision.

2) As Perry Noble says, “Never, I mean EVER, apologize for big vision!” You can do exactly what God has called you to do. And if it’s big, so be it. We believe that beyond making disciples in north Baltimore (among unchurched Catholics), God is calling us to help influence other parishes elsewhere in the country.  That is a big vision and big vision can seem prideful, and it is if it’s all about serving your kingdom.  If you’ve got a big vision for serving God’s kingdom, big is just about the right size because God’s kingdom is the biggest thing ever.

3) Steps of faith are always going to be tentative maybe even frightening.  If they were easy, they wouldn’t be steps of “faith.” God wants to do great things in you and through you.  If you help lead a church community he wants to do life changing, world changing things through your community. But you’re the one whose got to step out and make those scary steps. You’ll never get any closer to the vision until you do.

4) What you must go through in order to lead toward a vision God has for your life or your church will not define you as a leader. Everybody has to go through difficulties and challenges and maybe (probably) worse. What you go through won’t define you, but how you go through it will. How you accept and work through the difficult stuff will shape and define your character.

5) Do whatever you need to do to build a great team to help you lead toward a great vision. Lead together and do so with deep dependence on the Lord’s leadership over you.

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  1. Father Mike et. al.
    You seem to be reaching out to me and drawing me in each week that I attend the Church of the Nativity!
    I have never looked forward to church with so much enthusiasm!
    You are certainly on the “right track” to making a HUGE difference in the lives of Catholics and non Catholics alike. It is refreshing to see the impact that you have made already and hope that your vision will spread like wildflowers!!

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