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Matter 15

November 2, 2015

Matter has mass and occupies volume.

Our Catholic faith is grounded in matter: The Sacraments of the Church and the Incarnation of the Lord all rely on matter. Our parish churches are all about matter: people, buildings, a geographical location, and parish boundaries. Matter also refers to meaning and importance and is a value we aspire to in all our efforts and relationships, our satisfaction and happiness depend on it.

The past couple of years we began hosting a Church conference we call “matter” because we want to promote the impact and contribution, the mass and the volume, that our local parish churches can have in the community.

Matter is a unique conference for pastors, parish leaders, staff, and volunteer ministers as well as anyone who is interested in the health and growth of their parish church. Matter is for leaders who want to lead and ministers who want to serve.

It includes some engaging and inspiring keynote speakers taking a look at the big picture as well as an extensive array of breakout sessions getting down into the weeds of doing church more successfully, everything from children’s ministry to technology and raising money.

Beyond the inspiration and education there is so much fun you won’t want it to ever end. And there’s music too, lots of beautiful music. Matter also gives you the opportunity to network with other parish leaders from elsewhere in the country, share challenges and best practices.

Along the way we’ve planned a few surprises too.

Matter begins with our opening session on Thursday, November 5 with a keynote that I will be presenting, and I am really excited about the message I am going to be sharing. The day ends with an inspiring message by Brian Crook from our team, in a first ever appearance as a keynote speaker.

On Friday we’ll be hearing from nationally popular Chris Stefanick and our own Tom Corcoran. Via video we will also be hearing from New York Times Best Selling author Patrick Lencioni and Pastor Rick Warren.

While registration is closed for the conference, you can still join us online.

Simply visit https://matterconference.tv/live and purchase your Live Stream ticket anytime now through the conference. Tickets are $30 and will give you access to everything that’s happening in our sanctuary including all general sessions, keynote presentations and select breakout sessions.

Join us for the 2015 Matter Conference.

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