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Rebuilt | 2018

October 6, 2017

This week, registration opened on our brand new website for our brand new conference, Rebuilt | 2018, check it out at

For a number of years a few of years ago, we hosted an annual gathering each fall for our staff and lay leaders, including the Parish Council. The purpose of this mini retreat was to get everyone on the same page, moving into a new year, regarding mission, vision, and strategy. As this became more elaborate, with music and technology and a slate of speakers, we found ourselves opening it up to all our volunteer ministers.

Then, back in 2013 a funny thing happened. A few other parishes who had heard about our gathering asked if they could attend. We had been attending church conferences at Evangelical churches in various parts of the country for years, but it had never occurred to us to try one ourselves. We branded that first effort “Matter” (a name I still like a lot).

After Rebuilt was published, and quickly reached best seller status, the conference really took off. In 2014 and 2015 we sold out, though we were limited to 500 guests, given the space limitations of our facility at the time. We learned a lot and discovered we actually enjoyed welcoming churches from all over the country to learn and grow together.

Unfortunately, one of the victims of our recent construction was the conference. It was already a tight fit, and with our campus turned upside down, it would have been impossible.

Now that construction is complete, we’re more ready than ever to host our church conference. We’ve rechristened ourselves

Rebuilt, to more closely associate it with the book and the brand.

What is Rebuilt | 2018 ?

The conference is for pastors, parish leaders, and anyone who is interested in the heart of the Church that is the local parish community. At Rebuilt you’ll attend three main sessions: I’ll be doing the opening, and Tom Corcoran, my associate, will do the closing one. We will also hear from Biblical scholar and best selling author Jeff Cavins. Via video, we’ll also be hearing from best selling author and business consultant Patrick Lencioni and Pastor Craig Groschel, founder and pastor of LifeChurch, the largest church in the country. Our keynoters will be reflecting on their latest insights into leadership and how to really make church matter.

Additionally, there will be dozens of breakouts, workshops, and roundtable discussions on every possible aspect of parish life: adult, kids, & student ministry, administration, fundraising and finances, liturgy & music, HR, staffing, maintenance, communication and marketing, you name it. Besides all that, we’ll experience some amazing music and worship in our amazing new church building, and have a lot of fun. You and your team will return home completely excited and energized to lead your parish. You will learn all about what you can do right now.

Take a closer look on our website, and consider registering now, while you can enjoy our super early bird special.

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