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Rocking the House

September 18, 2012

Every weekend around here is interesting, engaging and eventually exhausting (for me anyway). This past weekend was at another level.

Besides everything we do every weekend, this past weekend we welcomed Archbishop William Lori, who made visiting Nativity one of his early priorities. As he told me, he hears so much about our parish (one imagines from a range of perspectives), he had to come and see for himself.

We wanted to give him a view of the campus at its peak operational time (Sunday mid-morning). He got to see TimeTravelers, kidzone and All Stars, he visited some kids small groups, took a look at our video venues and greeted guests in the packed Café.

Later he offered the 12n Mass, not often our most crowded when the Raven’s have a 1pm game, but it was packed on Sunday. And the congregation was enthusiastic. As someone said, we not only packed the house we rocked the house. Everything that we normally do, the music, the technology, the lighting, even Chris Wesley hamming it up for endnotes, was exactly as it is each week….the Archbishop saw us exactly the way we always are.

Later, over lunch with some of our parish leaders we had the opportunity to share with him some initial thoughts on strategic campus planning.  He seemed interested and enthusiastic.  Before leaving he noted that Nativity is a unique experience and a joy.

I think we would all agree.

Thanks to all our staff and volunteer ministry staff who helped host this event. And thanks to those parishioners who helped packed the house. You rock.

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  1. Frankly, I’m relieved the Archbishop enjoyed his visit and was enthusiastic about Nativity. I really believe Nativity is the future of an engaged, proactive, God-honoring Catholic community. I am not alone in my conviction – just ask any parishioner. Recently, I asked my old mentor, a Loyola University professor and a Jesuit, what he thought of Nativity. He told me “It’s fantastic. I wish there were 10 of them.” I agree. But I wish there were 1000.

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