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Staff Transitions and Additions

July 24, 2022

When it comes to staffing at the parish (and probably everywhere else) it is hopefully a work in progress but always a work in transition. Here at Nativity, this summer has brought a few transitions and more than a few additions to our staff. Most of it comes as a blessing to our parish and an unmistakable sign of robust health and impressive growth. So, I thought I would devote this blog post to what’s going on staff-wise at Nativity.

Even before all the current growth we’ve experienced, it was clear that the staff was too big for me to look after. So, in the past period of time, Sue Mihok, who had been serving as Director of Operations, stepped up to a role responsible for Staff Culture and Strategic Development. Sue’s job is to keep everyone focused on mission, direction, and goals. Meanwhile, to look after their hearts and their health, Father Nicholas Amato steps into the role of Staff Discipleship, or what I informally refer to as staff “pastor.”

To fill Sue’s shoes in operations, I have asked Tracy Giordano to help us out. Tracy was Director of Adult Ministry and, for the past two years, has served as the informal COVID “czar,” helping us with all the rules and laws and mandates that kept coming our way. She did such an outstanding job handling that complicated period that the Operations role was an obvious next step. In turn, succeeding Tracy in the Ministry role comes Louise Hahn, with a new division of duties, however. Louise will be responsible for the recruitment, training, and engagement of all weekend ministers as well as the supervision of the weekend Hospitality Teams. Tracy, meanwhile, will continue to supervise the Ops, Parking, and Café Teams as well as Security.

When it came to Communications and Marketing, Kellie Caddick has been a “department” of one up until now, with an ongoing need for support and assistance that we were previously not able to provide. Fortunately, we are now able to welcome Logan Garvey, a recent Masters graduate from Syracuse University, who will be doubling our communications and marketing efforts. Can’t wait to see what that looks like.

Speaking of doubling efforts, we knew we had to do something when it came to our Small Group program. As everyone knows, this past spring we made a church-wide push for Small Groups and more than 1,100 adults and young adults stepped forward for the first time… in addition to the 1,500 already in Small Groups. That’s a big program all under the direction of Susan Aldridge. To provide Susan with critically needed support, by providing our group leaders with the support they need, we welcome Marek Lawera (pronounced “Mark”), himself a recent graduate. Marek will be an Associate Director of Small Groups.

And last, but not least (although perhaps vying for youngest) we have Emily Issing, Sammy Reilly and Leah Sisolek. Sammy will be a staff assistant in All-Stars, where anyone can tell you she’s a natural, and Emily will continue devoting all her efforts to SGU or Small Group University, our new and surprisingly successful ministry for young adults. Leah will be helping the Discipleship Team with the mountains of administrative duties they’re responsible for.

Caitlin de Grouchy, who has been serving as our Mission Director, will be stepping down this summer to pursue other opportunities. We wish her every blessing and best wishes as she approaches her next chapter. We know she will be successful at whatever she does.

Of course, that means…we’re still hiring! Stay tuned.

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