The Church in 2023

January 5, 2023

After three difficult years unlike any other in churchworld (and the world at large) we are all left wondering what the year ahead will bring. And as a pastor, my number one question is definitely what will the Church look like in 2023. I am no prophet or seer, I’m not always even clear on what is actually going on in the present moment, much less what the future holds. But a few things seem to be emerging that are worth noting.

1) Stagnant In-Person Attendance

We’ve Moved!

Head to the brand new Rebuilt Parish Blog to hear what the church of 2023 might look like:

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  1. I see those three patterns you wrote of continuing as well, Father. What I’m curious about in 2023 is how the Seek the City shapes the City of Baltimore’s Catholic church scene.

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