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March 10, 2014


The vision has an appointed time,

it speaks to the end and will not prove false.

Though it linger, wait for it, it will certainly come.

Habakkuk 2.3

This weekend was an incredibly important one for us here at Nativity. It was the start of our Vision Series. But this series is unlike any other we have ever launched. It’s not even a series really, it’s a whole new season of life for us.

For several years now we have been dealing with quite a lot of growth and studying what could be done about it. How do we better manage the growth we’ve experienced and how do we continue to grow? In the process we have looked at every conceivable option. What we are unveiling this weekend is the fruit of all our work and due diligence.

It is a new master plan for our campus that will provide a new and significantly expanded parking lot and a new sanctuary with 1500 seat nave, café and lobby.

The lobby will be a sweeping space surrounding the sanctuary, leading to a two story soaring glass enclosed café, complete with various seating options, a fireplace, service area and outdoor seating. This unexpected and rather eye popping space will be the first thing guests and visitors see when entering our campus, wordlessly and powerfully communicating the energy, vitality, and originality of our congregation.

The nave itself, while large, will have an intimate feel. The seats will be arranged in a semicircle, hugging the altar. The sanctuary floor, and also a proposed balcony, will have slightly sloped floors, affording every seat a great view of the altar. The altar will be located in the center of the space, behind it a two story window wall will afford dramatic and seasonally spectacular views of the Ridgely Road forest conservation (which will remain untouched through the construction).

The new building, just to the west of our current building, will be entirely consistent with the current building and look like its always been there. What is aimed at, inside and out, is an entirely contemporary space that emphasizes clean lines and simple finishes. We are not trying to build a Cathedral, just space for our church family to live in and grow in.

The goal of the Vision Campaign is to get every parishioner, parish family, and regular attendee to support and contribute in a substantive and sacrificial manner. If they do, we’ll be well on our way to making this project a reality.

In the coming weeks we’re going to be looking at how everyone can participate.

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