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Would You Like to Work at Nativity?

February 15, 2014

It is always funny (as in irritating and annoying) that so many people, even parishioners, are unaware that this church is run by a professional lay staff. Anyway it is, and as Nativity has grown so has our full time and part time staff members. At this point we have 12 full time employees and 8 part time employees (perhaps more than usual for a Catholic church, though decidedly small for a church our size).  Little by little we want to change that. We are currently in a recruiting phase, and looking to fill three key full time positions at Nativity.

Take a look and see if you can see yourself here.


In this position you will serve as the leader, director, and champion of adult ministry service for our church community. We define ministry as service inside the church community for the community (as distinct from missions or service outside the parish, for others). As VSD you will be responsible for driving the vision, mission, and values of Nativity through all ministry efforts and environments. The development of ministry leadership will also be your responsibility, and together with this team you’ll be working on recruitment, orientation and training, coaching and evaluation and on-going communication.

We have hundreds of ministers who work here every weekend, as well as throughout the week, and our goal is eventually every member a minister. That makes this a big, and important job.


If this is you, then you are a people person who is also organized and good at organizing others and running things. That’s because you will oversee management of campus weekend operations in which we serve 4,000 people from Saturday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. Besides ensuring that everything runs smoothly and according to schedule and plan, you will also be a quality control coordinator, concentrating on functions of flow, aesthetics, and flawless service. You are coordinating the irresistible environment we want our guests and visitors to experience at Nativity.


In this role you will drive growth in giving to Church of the Nativity through innovative as well as traditional development approaches in order to fund the needed resources for our mission. This is definitely a position if you like people, and enjoy helping them grow as givers and stewards of the gifts God has given them. You will enjoy this position if you are well organized, self-motivated, and disciplined.

Now it is true, you have to work weekends, at least some part of most weekends, depending on the role. And we realize that is a deal breaker for a lot of people who might otherwise consider full time employment. But consider some of the benefits and immediate rewards, like an incredibly flexible daily schedule, a friendly, casual and fun environment, and life changing, world impacting work to do.

Oh yeah, and then there are the eternal rewards.





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