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You Got to Hit Me Over the Head

July 8, 2010

The other day I got hit over the head.  
Here’s what happened.  I was sitting in my living room and part of the ceiling fell down.  I wasn’t hurt, and it wasn’t really a surprise.  A leaky roof had been repaired a while back, but the damage to the ceiling had gone unaddressed.  I just didn’t feel like dealing with the expense or the hassle I knew it would be.  I also knew that once we got started in my house, we would open the door to a host of maintenance projects that I have been deferring for years.  Then I got hit over the head, and now the projects are finally moving forward.

I guess I am like that more than I usually admit.  So, I am taking this opportunity to go on the record with some summertime goals that I would like to (finally) get around to doing, before I need to get hit over the head again:

#1 More time for daily Scripture reading and quiet time.

#2 More time for exercise, lots more cardio.

#3 Work on the daily diet and eating right more consistently. 

#4 More water/less coffee (OK, just a little less).

#5 Take the time off I know I need to rest and relax.  Spend time with my family members, help get ready for my brother’s wedding, invest some time in my nephew.  

#6 Schedule the doctor’s and a dentist appointments I’ve been putting off. Finally get the eye exam I’ve never gotten.

#7 Have my car serviced.

#8 Clean out  my closets and drawers. Get the winter clothes to the dry cleaner.

#9 Get a head start on my fall messages.

#10 Post my blog more consistently.

I think my goal is going to be that when I inevitably find myself saying in September, “where did the summer go?” I actually have something to show for it.  

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