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A Book Launch

February 8, 2013

We’re calling the release of the book the book “launch.” Release sounds like getting out of jail, launch sounds more dynamic, the start of a dynamic process or event.

Officially the book is available on February 25 online on Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble. Additionally, it will be available and on display in certain Barnes & Noble stores (don’t know which ones, apparently there are different kinds and we’re going to be in some of the “A” stores, which sounds good anyway and apparently is a big deal for first time authors).

But we wanted to do something special for our parishioners and guests here at our Timonium campus the weekend before. So, the plan is to have the book available throughout the weekend (hopefully). Here’s why I say hopefully: we preordered the books early to make sure they would be here for that weekend, and we were happy when they arrived this week. It was suggested to us that we should check them out ahead of the weekend. That seems like an obvious thing to do, but 3,000 books are a lot of books to unpack and examine.

Fortunately for me a team of ladies who help us out in the office showed up on Tuesday morning and got the job done with great efficiency. Not so great results however. Most nearly all the books were damaged. That was very disappointing.

Our publisher did not hesitate in arranging for all the books to be replaced and the damaged ones removed, and for that we are very grateful. We are also given assurance that the replacements will arrive in time (and good condition). But it is stressful in the meantime.
We will be selling the books here for $15. This will cover our cost and return a modest profit on each book, all of which will go into the Nativity Building Fund. Neither Tom (my co-author and associate) or I will make a cent from any book sold here; hope that is clearly understood.

But we will be signing books. We’re going to have a tent on the terrace outside the Café (it will be heated). That’s where the book sales will be and where Tom and I will be signing books. At first I resisted this as silly, I mean its not like Tom Clancy releasing his latest blockbuster, it’s just a book about a little church in the woods. But a lot of people encouraged us to do this simply as a fun, community building exercise. And eventually I agreed.

Also that weekend, we’ll be offering a special weekend message, and you can expect a couple of video surprises too. And the music will be wonderful, but no surprises there.

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  1. Hello,I am so happy about the book. I really should have told you that when I sat with you at Panera. That was such a gift to me, especially on Ash Wednesday. I wish I had purchased the book last night when I came for Uprising. I am worried they will sell out before I get there this weekend. It’s going to be great! Let people praise you, you serve it. Hope you are prepared for writers cramp. Have a great weekend. I know Ms. Sue (aka, Dr. Abromaitis) is so proud of you and Tom as I am also. I am so happy to be a part of the Nativity family. Thank you!!

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