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Dedication of a Church

September 11, 2017

Father in heaven, source of holiness and true purpose, it is always right that we praise and glorify your name.

For today we stand before you, to dedicate to your lasting service this house of prayer.

Here is reflected the mystery of the Church.

The Church is One, the dwelling place of God on earth: a temple of the Spirit, with Jesus Christ as its cornerstone.

The Church is holy, your chosen instrument for the renewal of hearts, transformation of society, and the salvation of the world.

The Church is Catholic, Universal in her mission as a shelter to the homeless, refuge for the lost, true home for all God’s children.

The Church is Apostolic, founded on the faith of the apostles, built up by the blood of the Martyrs, enriched and adorned by the holiness of the saints, united with all Christians everywhere in the Cross of Christ.

Lord, send your Spirit from heaven to make this church a holy place, an increasingly holy place, and this altar a ready table for the sacrifice of Christ.

Here may the waters of baptism overwhelm the shame of sin; here may your people die to sin and live again through grace as your children.

Here may your family, gathered around your altar, celebrate the memorial of the Paschal Lamb, and be fed at the table of Christ’s word and Christ’s body.

Here may prayer, the Church’s refuge and strength, resound through heaven and earth.

Here may the lost find their way, may the unchurched find a home and those far from you draw close.

Here may the poor find justice, the victims of oppression, true freedom, the marginalized dignity, the stranger welcome those who mourn comfort, those who fear strength.

Here, may the hearts of your sons and daughters be made glad.

May this be a place where grace abounds, hope prevails, and love conquers all.

Bless this house, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.



Solemn Dedication of a Church and Altar

Friday, September 8, 2017

Archbishop William E. Lori, Presiding


Dedication Day Masses

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Father Michael J. White, Presiding




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