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Definitely Never Desired or Required

November 29, 2009

More thoughts on us and what we’re trying to do.  

Here are some thoughts on things (beyond the obvious things) I’m thinking we should probably never do.   Here are ten in no particular order.

1) We will never honor God by compromising the vision he gives us in order to keep people happy.
2) We will never make everyone happy, so pleasing everyone should never be our goal.
3) We will never be successful in our ministry if we believe we have something to prove, or even play to any audience beyond our audience of one: God.
4) We will never accomplish what Jesus is calling us to accomplish if we’re not willing to take risks.
5) We will never honor God by seeking to build our own “brand” rather than building disciples.
6) We will never see disciples grow in this church if we are always only about information and confirmation  (telling them who they are and what we want them to know) without being about transformation (helping them see who they can be and what they can do).
7) We will never do what God has called us to do alone.  If he’s called us to accomplish something amazing, then he will surround us with amazing people to pull it off.  
8) We will never do great things in this church if we believe that every great idea has to come from us.  I will never do great things if I believe every great thing has to come from me.
9) We will never see our staff achieve their maximum potential if we don’t trust them, and hold them accountable.
10) We will never see God’s power unleashed in our church unless we keep the focus on Jesus, what he did for us and what he can do through us.
More on this list next posting.

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