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Goals for the Fall

October 20, 2017

This time every year is always the same. Fall is a sprint from Labor Day to Christmas. And Christmas starts in earnest the day after Halloween. Here are some of the things we’re working on currently and the goals we have for this busy season.

  1. Fill the Church

Perhaps you’ve noticed, we have a new church! About double the seating capacity of our old sanctuary, which means we currently have empty seats to fill. To do it, we’re going to be launching a campaign over the next month to encourage and equip members to invest in unchurched friends and family and invite them to church this December.

  1. Meet the 1% Challenge

Each fall we host Stewardship Sunday the weekend before Thanksgiving. It’s an annual opportunity to take a fresh look at our support for our parish. This year we’re offering a unique challenge, we’re calling it the “1% Challenge.” It is basically asking parishioners to consider becoming “percentage givers” or to grow as percentage givers. Stay tuned.

  1. Strengthen Youth Ministry

After a year of renewal and a return to the basics, as well as a complete overhaul of our leadership team, we’re looking at an amazing year for middle and high school youth ministry. Under the direction of our dynamic new Director, Daniel Miller, our goal is to become a premier Catholic Youth Ministry forming authentic disciples of Christ. It’s going to be great.

  1. Strengthen Our Leadership Team

Some new staff this season, and some restructuring of current staff positions, have opened up new opportunities this fall to grow a healthier, more productive staff culture.

  1. Fill the Conference

Following the publication of Rebuilt we hosted an annual church conference for other parishes. It was offered as an opportunity to share what we know when it comes to growing a healthy parish. We presented the conference for three consecutive years, 2013-2015, each year selling out, with churches in attendance from around the country and elsewhere. We suspended the conference in 2016 and 17 for purely practical reasons: our campus was under construction and we simply didn’t have the space. Now that our construction is complete we’re resurrecting the conference. Rebranded REBUILT, it is going to be about twice as big as before. So, like the church itself, we now have the goal of filling it. To help us out, check out rebuiltconference.com

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