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Happy New Year

January 1, 2010

2009 was a great year full of blessings.  Here are (just) a few of the highlights for me:  
  • Winter/Spring: spiritual warfare; the cool looking Ministry Fair; our high school students on Good Friday; Easter Sunday Praise Party; our Spring Staff Retreat; the people committed to strengthening our small group commitment    
  • Summer: trying out new formats for preparing and delivering the weekend message; Crocodile Dock; our Strategic Planning Team members and meetings; real movement forward in the weekend worship experience especially video and music; appreciable difference in active participation of our awesome congregation; welcoming a new Children’s Director and Membership Director to our full time ministry team
  • Fall/Winter: our ministers and our ministry team leaders; people who park off campus; churchnativity.org; the new ALL STARS space; the “video venue” in the Cafe-Pavilion; all new new members program; DRIVE; stewardship; Thanksgiving outreach (at a whole new level); the “conspiracy” water in Jos and Abuja; Christmas #5 at the Maryland State Fair; blogging
  • Year Round: Tom, Maria, Chris, Lucas, Kristin, Brian, Kathleen, Lisa

In the year ahead I am really excited and hopeful about what God is going to be doing here through:
  • An outreach program this winter and spring that is going to take “evangelization” efforts at this Church to a completely different place
  • Service projects together with other Christians in North Baltimore to give us a sense of the impact the Body of Christ can make when we start working together and acting like a family
  • New team members
  • New message series and new adult small group programs
  • More ministers
  • More people parking off campus
  • Stewardship
  • Dedicated space for student programs
  •  Awesome kid’s stuff
  • churchnativity.org
  • A “strategic plan” 
  • Tom, Maria, Chris, Lucas, Kristin, Brian, Kathleen and Lisa
Happy New Year!

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