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Healing and Wholeness This Lent

March 6, 2020

A recent study out of the UK found that the average adult will say the phrase “I’m fine” 14 times a week.  Despite this, only 19% said that they actually meant it.  The words are so built into our daily conversation that they can feel scripted.  “I’m fine” is a comfort zone, security blanket, go-to kind of answer to the go-to question “How are you?”

Lent, on the other hand, is a deeply unsettling time.  The arrival of the annual penitential traditions of fasting, prayer, and giving shock us out of our ordinary time. Even in our denial and deflection, Lent forces us to acknowledge our intuition that all is not well.  We know we are wounded. Having wounds is just a part of the human condition.  Physical, emotional, relational, mental, and spiritual wounds are simply a reality.

  • There are those among us who are struggling with a debilitating diagnosis or suffering from chronic pain. They are physically wounded.
  • There are emotional wounds like anger or anxiety.  There are spiritual wounds of doubt or despair. 
  • There are wounds that come from loss – the loss of a job, the loss of money, the loss of a loved one.
  • We have self-inflicted wounds too, from our own sin and selfishness.
  • Then, there are wounds of the heart, wounds that we suffer in every season of life.

But, the good news of our woundedness is that while we have been born into a broken and hurting world, Jesus Christ came to restore everything that has been broken. He came to restore all things to their intended wholeness. He came to restore and heal you to your intended wholeness.

That’s why we are taking this season of Lent to acknowledge the ways in which we need healing in our lives.  Throughout the season of Lent our weekend message series will focus on healing and wholeness, with our small group curriculum also reflecting this theme. Additionally, we will be offering special opportunities to experience real healing in the form of:

  • The Sacrament of Confession Every Saturday 12:30-2:30pm, before and after all weekend Masses March 14 & 15, Archdiocesan Day of Reconciliation March 30, 3-6pm, Good Friday 3-9pm (in the Church)
  • Anointing of the Sick After all weekend Masses March 21 & 22 (in the Chapel)
  • Healing Prayer With our Healing Ministry, Wednesdays in Lent 7-8pm and after all weekend Masses March 28 & 29 (in the Church)
  • Eucharistic Adoration Sundays 9am-1pm and First Fridays 9am-5pm (in the Chapel)

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