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Hiring the Right People: 3 Things to Remember

March 17, 2017

Early spring is always a season when most churches begin to actively consider staffing issues, especially recruiting new staff. No matter how strong your team is, regardless of how cohesive your ministry, staffing is going to be an annual project because people come and people go. If you want to build and maintain a great group you have to become proficient at hiring the right people. Here are 3 things to remember:

  1. The right person will make it their business to know your church, understand your ministry, and appreciate your history before they ever show up for an interview. He or she will be proficient in your mission, vision, and values. They will have done their homework, they will have proficiency on your website.
  2. The right person for your next hire is considering leaving their current position for the “right reasons,” like pursing the professional opportunities your position offers. They will be interested in raising the bar of excellence in whatever area they’re applying for. They’re not interested in simple replacement of an existing staffer, or maintenance of a preexisting program. They want to come to your church to take what you’re doing in any particular ministry, to a whole new level. They have a demonstrated track record of commitment to performance, finding solutions, fixing problems. They’re committed to looking for new ideas and fresh approaches, an ability to translate those new ideas into their program or department, and the wisdom and prudence to implement them effectively.
  3. The right person, who is the right person for your church, can be a refreshing addition but must be a cultural fit. They’ve got to be able to work with the existing staff, speak their language, recognize their unexpressed values. They should have the capacity to socialize with the rest of the staff, and their spouse should be the same kind of match.

There are so many important considerations when approaching a new hire, but these are definitely three at the top of our list as we begin some interviews of potential candidates in the coming season.

Recently we have been working with William Vanderbloemen and his incredible team at Vanderbloemen Search Group. If you’re a church and considering new hires, check out our friends at Vanderbloemen. If you’re interested in joining our team, or learning more, check it out at www.vanderbloemen.com.


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