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Judging a Book

October 23, 2012

The English idiom, “don’t judge a book by its cover” is a kind of moral admonition advising us not to prejudge the worth or value of anything (or anyone) based on appearances alone.  Nice idea…except everybody does it, we all do it. We’re constantly doing it.  Especially when it comes to books.

Anyway, the process for developing a book cover is a complicated one, as we have learned. It can also be a frustrating one for authors, who obviously care deeply about the final product.

At Nativity we definitely have a “look” and I guess I had always kind of assumed, without ever actually saying it to anyone that the book would “look like us,” as a child looks like the parents. I would describe our look as clean and contemporary, simple and spare.  Led by our own Creative Director, Lucas Busko, we strive (and sometimes fail) to increasingly reflect this look in everything from printed material to how food is displayed in the café.

So, the cover was of concern to me.  Huge concern.

Once again though, the benefit of being with a great publishing house revealed itself. Ave Maria Press has a perfectly brilliant team, as their final cover design easily reveals. It does indeed reflect who we are and how we look, but in a fresh new way too. I love how the title kind of leaps up from its fading reflection, and presses out to the edge of the cover space, I love the use of a familiar green with an unexpected aqua color, and all the white space…I love that.

Hope you think so too. Judge away.

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  1. Great look and great title. The entire cover represents what Nativity has done for me… Awakened my faith. Reached this lost skeptic and made church matter to me after more than 10 years absent. Rebuilt!

  2. Wonderful – clean, focused, fresh – and unadorned, stark even – I love that the “t” is the cross, always the central point …. take the time to bask!

  3. The aqua Cross at the end of the title is not only brilliant- it’s heavenly! And a great indication of what the reader will discover about our beloved parish. Thank you Father and Tom!

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