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Ministry Push Weekend

March 13, 2021

Every year, and only once a year, we take a whole weekend to invite parishioners to consider getting up out of the pew (or off their sofa at home) and start serving in one of our parish ministries. We call it ministry “push” weekend. 

Each of our ministries serves an important function in the mission of our parish. Some operate on the weekends, helping to provide an irresistible weekend experience. Some work during the week, caring for our members through prayer or service in the community. Others work directly with our kids and students, throughout the week, helping to shape the next generation. 

We ask our members to consider ministry not just because it makes the parish go, but because it’s a vital step in growing as a disciple. Serving others through ministry at the parish brings us closer to God and his people. It touches and can even transform our hearts and meanwhile invests us powerfully in the life of the parish. 

Ministers have always been important to our parish but, in the past year, they have become indispensable. Everything we have done to make returning to our Ridgely Road campus a safe and inviting experience comes down to the work of our many ministry teams. And our online broadcasts are only possible because of our tech ministers and chat hosts. Nativity would have been dark and dormant, and largely irrelevant, this past year if not for our ministers.

Moving forward, ministry will only become more important as the COVID crisis recedes and we undertake the project of getting people back to church and reengaged in parish life, which, as I have already reflected on in my previous post, is going to be a challenge. A great environment, inspiring worship, engaging kids and student programs, vibrant music, a relevant message are all critically important. But what brings it all together are our ministers.

Like everything else, this year we’ve had to reimagine how we ask people to serve in ministry. In prior years we might have done a ‘ministry fair’ on the concourse or had an in-person interest meeting. This year, we’ve made finding, joining, and onboarding to a new ministry easier than ever before. 

First, we now have an online portal for prospective ministers to get an overview of all the opportunities available. Each of our hospitality, operations, tech, and next-generation ministries has been highlighted with a short video that describes what’s involved and, more importantly, the impact you’ll have through your service. You can check out those videos here. Next, you can sign-up right from the website. It’s as easy as a couple of clicks. Finally, one of our ministry leaders will contact you and welcome you to the team. All that’s left is to get started.

We’re confident that you’ll be able to find the ministry that suits you. But if you’re not sure exactly where you’d like to serve, you can contact our ministry team who will help you find a ministry.

Our goal is nothing less than every member a minister. 

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