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May 2, 2013

“To my loyal blog readers, here’s my promise to you: you will always get the inside scoop, and you’ll get it first. And just to prove it to you, keep reading.

Yesterday, May 1, Tom Corcoran (my associate) and I delivered to our publisher the complete manuscript for our next book, Tools for Rebuilding, to be released by Ave Maria Press (Notre Dame, IN) in September.

When we first signed on with our publisher for rebuilt there was some discussion about the possibility of a follow-up to it, with additional, perhaps even more practical information.  As the rebuilt project developed, and began to look like it could have a wide impact, the conversation about a second book took a more serious turn, with a certain sense of urgency.  The idea being that Tools could benefit from the interest and momentum generated by rebuilt.

Tools  presents seventy-five ideas, mostly in the form of axioms, or generally accepted truths, as they apply to the parish. We first put pen to paper back in September, though many of the axioms we were writing were ideas we’ve been discussing for years. Like rebuilt we hope that it will come as a help to other parishes elsewhere, but also that it is recognized as having a wider application too. Take a look at the new cover:

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