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One More Thought on Easter

April 4, 2013

“Part of our Lenten journey this year included some clear challenges. One in particular, that will probably be remembered in Nativity lore, concerned mission and ministry. I made the comment: “You need to get up out of the pew and serve, or you need to get up out of the pew and give us your seat back so we can use it for someone who might be interested in growing as a disciple.”

That got some reactions.

One guy called that “sick,” another called me a “tyrant.”

Noted. I guess they’re not in a ministry.

At least three people walked out.

Sorry. I predict they will have absolutely no trouble finding a church within easy driving distance where they will never, ever hear a challenge like that again.

Over eleven hundred people signed up to serve.

Thanks. You rock.

A lot of our new ministers were on display as we hosted Easter at the Cow Palace at the Maryland State Fair. All last week we had ops crews moving our church from Ridgely Road up York Road. We had people cleaning and building and fixing and assembling. We had people on Saturday night, late into the night, following the Easter Vigil here at church, making the final preparations and moves. There were ministers on Sunday morning  at the crack of dawn making sure we would be ready when our guests and visitors started arriving, which they did starting after 8am. There were ministers who gave up significant portions of their holiday to wrap up and clean up. There were ministers who worked through the day on Monday and Monday evening doing the same.

It was a splendid day with great music, awesome technology,  and a message I was excited to deliver. Record crowds obviously had a great time. But for me, it was all about our ministers making it not all about them.

I am honored to lead a parish that really does care enough about people who are lost to God that they’re willing to get up out of the pew and do something about it. Rock on.


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